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NAV Trading - Time to invest in NAV Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

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  • NAV Trading - Time to invest in NAV Cryptocurrency? AUG 29/18

    NAV Trading and NAV Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 29 2018

    Trading NAV, NAV charts,

    NAV explained

    NAV price chart

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    in this video we're going to take a look
    at nav point and see if it is ready for
    a big turnaround and another one of its
    enormous runs up

    if we go over
    its historical prices we can see that
    March and April of 2017
    it made its bottom formation.

    like most
    of the alts did it made a big run up
    through May and then and June in July it
    had held those prices through August it
    went on a downtrend and

    like very few
    coins it had a big run up in September
    of 2017

    there's only one other coin that
    actually did this in September 2017 I
    think that was Lisk

    then prices came down and went with the most of the
    other altcoins on the big downtrend till

    it saw its capitulation lows in
    December of 2017 and then ran up into
    January and February of 2018

    now it's
    been on a pretty consistent downtrend
    all the way through 2018 so prices have
    come all the way down to where they are

    if we zoom into the one month view
    we see this low was on the 13th and 14th
    of August prices came up and they have
    consolidated so that the moving averages
    on the 4-hour bars have actually crossed

    this gives us our not a really
    clear clean one two three bottom
    formation but this triangle shaping up
    at these historical prices while Bitcoin
    has made it show in a showing strength...
    could be an indicator that this market
    has found its old historical lows and
    has the potential to be taking off from

    we can see that in the past
    it's done some fast and enormous moves
    when it does decide to take off

    so I
    really like to find markets like this
    and to pay attention to them at these
    times when all of the other markets are
    making a similar pattern

    really could be a good one one of my favorites that I've
    reviewed so far here today
    trading nav coin
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    Live price charts for NAVcoin - default set to 1 day bars
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