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  • Trading NXT on Poloniex

    NXT - Trading NXT on Poloniex - March 25/17

    YouTube Transcript

    0:01 NXT was one of the first crypto coins
    0:06 that I bought into

    0:10 here I'm going to go to one year, of course I
    0:13 was really excited made the bottom
    0:14 formation here and took off and I
    0:16 thought it and then it explicitly took
    0:19 off out of bounds but by the time it was
    0:21 going it was already moving train and I
    0:23 don't buy into moving train so now just watch

    0:29 this was the announcement then they then
    0:32 here's the reality and

    but people still
    0:35 like NXT it's a good platform and other
    0:40 things are being given target so
    0:42 we were calling

    I was calling
    0:44 this as a formation here but it wasn't a
    0:46 clear enough 1 2 3 bottom for me to go
    0:49 and put some other coin into it

    so I
    0:52 already own some and by that I just sort
    0:55 of let myself be relaxed that I'm not
    0:58 putting more into it because it's not
    1:01 actually bought information that I'm
    1:04 looking for

    you can see that the
    1:08 this was the low mark and it was
    1:11 potential 123 bottom but then it made a
    1:13 new bottom and didn't have time to
    1:15 really mature it before it was breaking
    1:17 or above so I could have ignored that
    1:19 this was lower and said this is a double
    1:21 bottom and called us to buy signal but
    1:24 in the long term out of this kind of
    1:26 range and I don't know what else I break
    1:29 higher would be very positive recommend
    1:31 i will mark it would like to go and see
    1:33 what the news is what NXT

    very good stuff so
    1:41 what do i say in the future with NXT?
    1:43 it will come up to here and bounce
    1:46 off it

    it's just a fifty percent level
    1:48 that I'm looking at here and within 2 months

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    NXT - Trading NXT on Poloniex - March 25/17 

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