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OMG Trading - Time to invest in OmiseGO Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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  • OMG Trading - Time to invest in OmiseGO Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

    OMG Trading and OMG Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 31 2018

    Trading OMG, OMG charts,

    OmiseGO explained

    OMG price chart

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    in this video we'll look at the longest
    term prices of 'omg coin almost a goal
    and see if it's looking like it's going
    to be doing a turnaround and a trend

    we can see here that on
    Poloniex the coin was listed in early
    october or mid december and it doesn't
    have all the data that we can find

    so if
    we go over to BitFinex and take a look
    at OMG versus bitcoin we can zoom
    out a little bit more

    we can see
    that in late July early August the coin
    was listed here and it went on a quite a
    run up here at a time when most of the
    other crypto currencies were not making
    a bull run

    it made a top formation
    we can see this one two three top
    formation and prices broke lower and it
    continued on a downtrend matching what
    most of the cryptocurrencies did during
    that time through November and the
    capitulation low right there at the same
    time in December as pretty much all the
    other coins

    it made a run up into
    January but instead of fading back like
    most of the coins, it's pretty it much
    held its own and then
    through April and May it made a run up
    at the same time as the rest of the
    cryptocurrencies and then it followed
    the same pattern and has been on a long
    lazy downtrend since May of 2018 until

    let's go back to the Poloniex chart of
    omg, and I want to zoom into the price of
    it now and take a look at the three
    months chart so we're looking at the
    12-hour bars

    when i zoom in we can
    see that there was a low and prices are
    around the 13th of august which is
    really keeping well with what all the
    other cryptocurrencies have done.

    now we're seeing a 1-2-3 bottom
    formation and nice triangle formation
    shaping up here and almost a double
    bottom along here so we have a flat
    bottom and descending top on the
    triangle which is really great.

    when i zoom into
    the one month view and take a look at
    this bottom here in the middle of august
    run up and another bottom here and now
    we're seeing this triangle formation and
    the moving average... there we go there's
    the chart I want - so that we're looking
    at the 4-hour bars.

    we can see that this
    60 period and 20-period moving average
    have crossed over already
    and showing bullish tendencies

    now when the 12 hour bar moving average
    crosses over, this turns into my trading

    As this 1 2 3 bottom formation
    matures and prices break above it, this
    would be a buy signal for my trading

    this trading pattern becomes
    more important when we see that the
    timing of it is exactly as Bitcoin (in
    the blue behind this chart) is making a
    similar pattern where it's hit a bottom
    showed some strength and hit a second
    bottom here and now showing some
    strength out of that

    Coordinate this data with the rest of the crypto currencies
    making this bottom formation at the very
    same time... and some of them are already
    breaking out... it makes it very important
    to be watching these markets.

    trading omisego (OMG)
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    Live price charts for OMG coin - 1 day bar default view
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