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OMNI Trading - Time to invest in OMNI Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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  • OMNI Trading - Time to invest in OMNI Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

    OMNI Trading and OMNI Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 31 2018

    Trading OMNI, OMNI charts,

    OMNI explained
    OMNI price chart

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    in this video we're going to review the
    price chart of Omni and see if this coin
    is showing the current tendencies that
    it may be hitting a bottom and perhaps
    starting its next bull run

    so if we look
    back on the coins history using the
    one-day bars all the way back into 2017
    we can see that Omni coin prices made a long lazy
    bottom here before it started showing
    the pre pump patterns that eventually
    led to a massive spike upwards here in
    May and June of 2017

    prices came down a
    bit and they topped again in July of
    2017 and then, like the rest of the
    crypto currencies, we went into a big
    long downtrend for the rest of 2017

    Omni coin prices made a bottom in the middle of December 2017, slight
    run-up in a top formation here in
    January and then a long lazy formation.

    Like most of the coins, Omni Layer coin made a run up a
    little bit here in April and May of 2018
    though this one did very little - then it
    continued on its long lazy downtrend
    like most of the other coins

    now when we
    zoom in so that we're looking at the 12
    hour bars for Omni price charts, we can see that it made a low
    along the 11th to the 13th of August
    much like the rest of the coins.

    It is really important to see a correlation
    across all of the markets.

    I really
    like to see this pre pump candle here
    going on and that the prices have
    maintained their lows here they have not
    broken lower yet.

    should Omni coin prices break
    lower than this, then it's all bets off... but while it's making
    this kind of formation - we can trace
    a trend line along those bottoms and we
    can trace a trend line across these tops
    here so that we're getting sort of a
    descending triangle shaping up here

    we have this triangle here and if
    we zoom out a bit we can see that this
    downtrend has been breached

    so now we
    have the latest downtrend line is
    we have a potential bottom formation
    shaping up in the Omni price chart.

    and so with Bitcoin showing
    strength and the rest of the
    cryptocurrency is showing the bottom at
    around the same time it is time to be
    watching the Omni Layer coin market
    trading omni layer
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    Live price charts for OMNI coin - 1 day bar default view
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