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PASC Trading - Time to invest in Pascal coin Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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  • PASC Trading - Time to invest in Pascal coin Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

    PASC Trading and Pascal Coin Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 31 2018

    Trading PASC, PASC charts,

    Pascal Coin explained
    PASC price chart

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    in today's video on Pascal coin we're
    going to review the long-term history of
    the chart and determine if it's making a
    bottom formation that might indicate
    another huge breakout to come.

    so here
    we're looking at the longest term prices
    of this coin all the way back to the
    beginning of 2017 so if i zoom in just a
    little bit we can see in march in april
    of 2017 all the way through june and
    july pascal coin made a good run-up much
    like the rest of the cryptocurrencies
    and then it made its long downtrend
    through 2017 a bottom in november
    another bottom in december

    then Pascal coin price
    made a massive run, much bigger than
    most of the other crypto currencies
    through the bull run of January 2018 and
    because it was going up versus Bitcoin
    that was an enormous gain

    there now
    prices have made the big long downtrend
    much like the rest of the cryptos it has
    made a bottom in April and a little bit
    of a run-up in in May and it was really
    looking enticing

    if we move this Pascal coin chart
    back to this May period here this chart
    pattern was really looking enticing as
    Bitcoin was going up and this was making
    big candles to the upside

    Pascal coin was
    looking like it was going to break
    higher again so the moving averages were
    coming close together on the one day
    chart if we move into the three-month
    chart and move back we can see that this
    was a bottom formation here and the
    moving averages crossed over and the
    prices went into this sideways Channel
    just at the top

    so what really looked
    bullish at the time and it's important
    to have your risk control rules prepared
    in advance
    so that if you do get a
    fake-out breakout like this and prices
    then top out and start coming down,
    it's important to be ready to be selling
    out of your position even if you're
    fully feeling really bullish

    so now as
    we come into the Pascal coin price charts for today
    at the end of August of 2018, we can see
    that prices have come down they had made
    a bottom formation much like the rest of
    the cryptos have.

    we're getting ready
    to see this moving average crossover on
    the 12 hour bars - if we zoom in to the
    4-hour bars we can see that moving
    average has already crossed over

    seeing the bottom on the 13th of August
    much like the rest of them
    another retest at the bottom on the 23rd
    in the 27th and a good candle of
    strength here and prices have faded back
    a little bit

    this could be the
    indicators of beginning of pre pump
    pattern - but like we saw back in May it
    is important to remain ready for this to
    be a fake-out breakout and be ready to
    get out of the position if the downtrend
    is going to continue

    I'm pretty bullish on most of the crypto
    currencies now especially since we've
    come down to historical lows and were
    making that bottom formation turn around
    at the same time that Bitcoin seems to
    have found some bottom strength here

    guarantee that things are going to
    continue upwards, Bitcoin still has an
    important triangle to break out of here
    and I do believe that the rest of the
    cryptos will follow it if it does

    Pascal coin is looking pretty attractive
    right now and my trading signal comes
    into play when this 1 2 3 bottom
    formation is broken out and these two
    moving averages cross over each other
    when looking at the 12-hour bars.
    trading pascal coin
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    Live price chart for PASC - 1 day bar default view
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