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PeerCoin Trading - Time to invest in PPC Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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  • PeerCoin Trading - Time to invest in PPC Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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    PPC Trading - Time to invest in PeerCoin Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

    PeerCoin Trading and PPC Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 31 2018

    Trading PPC, PPC charts,

    PeerCoin explained
    PPC price chart

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    in today's video on PPC coin we're going
    to take a look at the long-term price
    charts and compare to see if we are
    looking at a potential for the prices to
    turn around and take off from where they
    are now at the beginning of September of

    so when we look back over
    a long historical period as long as we
    can in this coin we can see that from
    its release in 2015 and 2016 the prices
    were coming down and down and down all
    the time

    we saw a bottom formation here
    in January until march of 2017 and then
    PeerCoin started making its run-up at the same
    time as all the other altcoins did from
    March April May June and then another
    top in July before prices started on
    their long lazy downtrend through the
    rest of 2017

    most of the coins made a
    bottom in November and then a lower
    bottom at the middle of December and
    this coin follows along with the the
    rest of the cryptos in general

    PeerCoin saw a
    little run up into January of 2018 which
    matches really well prices came down
    made a bottom formation in in March and
    April of 2018 a small run-up into May a
    top formation and a lazy downtrend all
    the way until now

    so if we zoom in to
    the 12 hour bars we can see that this
    made a bottom in the beginning of August
    rather than the 13th of August where
    most of the other coins did

    so we have a
    number one point here ,we have a number
    two point here, a capitulation low right
    here which is we could take that as our
    number three point and even on the three
    month bars the 12 hour bars we can see
    that the moving average crossed over

    we could call this a 1-2-3 bottom formation here where we have a
    double bottom we have a number two point
    and then we have the number three point
    here and then the breakout past the
    number two point at the same time as the
    moving averages crossed over

    so there's my entry signal and then my exit signal
    would be for the one month moving
    average crossover to occur right here so
    this would kick me out of this trade a
    little bit too close

    and I'd be watching
    for the crossover again to get back in
    as prices are breaking above this so
    it's a little close and chopped me out
    on this trade just by watching what my
    trading signals would have been

    so if we
    step back a little bit and we're looking
    at the three month moving air the three
    month bars so we're looking at the 12
    hour bars in the chart then the next buy
    signal is a break above this level

    it's important when we zoom way out to
    see how this in this chart level matches
    up to history so a break above these
    levels would be very important because
    of the historical prices that the coin
    was at so it's a little choppy for my
    trading system, but PeerCoin is still really
    looking bullish because of the timing of
    its bottom compared to the rest of the
    cryptos and compared to bitcoin in


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    Peercoin trading and investing
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    Live price chart for PPC coin - 1 day bar default view
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