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SNT Trading - Time to invest in Status Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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  • SNT Trading - Time to invest in Status Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

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    Status Coin (SNT) Trading - Time to invest in SNT Cryptocurrency? AUG 31/18

    SNT Trading and Status Coin Cryptocurrency Investing

    August 31 2018

    Trading Status (SNT), SNT charts,

    Status Coin (SNT) explained
    Status Coin price chart

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    Where to buy SNT

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    in my first video here on SNT we're
    going to take a look at where we can
    find this at long with longer price
    charts so if we go over to Binance and
    take a look at SNT versus Bitcoin and
    zoom back over time this gives us a much
    better perspective of what this market
    has been doing in the past so we can
    make some determination about it

    if we go
    back to December of 2017
    many other all coins were hitting
    bottoms here in November and December
    and then they made a run up into January

    this was really significant where Status Coin
    went from 400 odd Satoshi to 4000 so
    there's a 10 times gain

    very wonderful
    and everybody's looking for that all the
    time of course

    now we have a long
    downtrend from all of these peaks we can
    see that prices are at way old
    historical levels for this market and
    now when i zoom in to the 12 hour bars
    we can see that there is a low on the
    13th of August like many of the other
    crypto currencies and that's significant
    when the whole batch of them are doing a
    low at the same time as we saw back in
    December of 2017

    now prices have come up a little bit and
    they've tried to come back and break
    those lows but haven't broken them yet

    Status hasn't given a turnaround signal
    yet but the moving averages in the
    4-hour bar are starting to hover close
    together so it is starting to give us
    notice that there could be something
    coming along here

    when we look at this
    trend line it's looking even better
    over a short period of time it has
    crossed a another trendline here so this
    bottom formation at the time that all
    the other cryptos are making a bottom is
    very significant definitely important to
    watch this market no matter where it's
    being traded.


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    Status (SNT) cryptocurrency trading and investing
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    Live price charts for SNT - 1 day bar default view
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