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Attending the Canada Fintech - Bitcoin Ethereum Summit - August 4 2017

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  • Attending the Canada Fintech - Bitcoin Ethereum Summit - August 4 2017

    My first Bitcoin Conference! And I couldn't be more excited!

    "Bitcoin and Ethereum are taking the world by storm and this will be our most epic event yet. We'll have some of the smartest people in bitcoin and ethereum speak on a series of panel discussions to help us learn more about the key advantages and limitations of each platform. "

    Register here

    Confirmed Speakers & Panelists (subject to change):
    - Jonathan Hamel: Co-founder of Catallaxy
    - Ted Livingston: CEO of Kik (Kin, ERC20 token built on top of ethereum)
    - Diego Gutierrez: CEO of Root Stock (RSK, smarter bitcoin)
    - Wayne Vaughan: CEO of Tierion, Advisor to Blockchain Capital
    - Adam Back: CEO of Blockstream
    - Ben Gorlick: Product Architect at Blockstream
    - Rodolfo Novak: CEO of OpenDime & Coinkite
    - Jeremias Kangas: Founder of LocalBitcoins
    - Jameson Lopp: Software Engineer at BitGo
    - Loretta Joseph: Blockchain Evangelist & Fintech Leader
    - Russell Verbeeten: Operations & Product at ConsenSys(Consensus Systems)
    - Addison Cameron-Huff: Technology Lawyer for Internet & Blockchain Startups

    This upcoming meetup is shaping up to be one of the the most exciting events in Toronto to date.
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    I must update that I did attend this event and posted some photos on instagram!

    Was informative.

    The biggest new idea that changed my perspective came from a talk with the guy who created Kik, Ted Livingston - he and another great panelist spoke about the recent wave of ICO's and why Angel Investors are not as excited as everyone else may be...

    Ted spoke about the deadlines and performance criteria to attain each round of funding for Kik, and he speculates that if he were to have received all the funding he eventually received - all at once - that he may not have been as deadline driven to produce the next set of business results... he commented that he would not run off with the money - but he might just 'chill' for a while...

    I've only invested in one ICO.

    Many of them have a wonderful white paper and great concept - but they have a long development curve ahead. And during that time, the best of the good tokens will become listed on the top exchanges... then we have months, and sometimes years of 'in the meantime' and 'project updates from the Devs'... the price of this new amazing coin will wander - and perhaps eventually lining up into a trading formation I call 'mine'.

    Even the single ICO that I invested in, would have been more profitable if I had waited for 'my trading formation' rather than buying on the 'special bonus ICO sale for early adopters'.

    And now I'm more comfortable to pass on the hype of all these ICO's while enjoying the wonder of the ideas being generated!
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