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Canadian Bitcoin Exchanges - how to get bitcoins in Canada.

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  • Canadian Bitcoin Exchanges - how to get bitcoins in Canada.

    Being a Canadian who was living in Brazil for six months, it was initially difficult for me to buy my first bitcoin when I first discovered how easy it was to get started trading bitcoin. I was very excited, so I did a lot of research learning how to earn bitcoin online before I could find a solution to my dilemma.

    How to get bitcoins in Canada

    After I returned from Brazil, I went directly to a Bitcoin ATM and purchased some Bitcoin with Canadian Dollars - but the ATM fees and the exchange rate offered by the machine were pretty costly. I knew I still needed to complete my registration at a good online exchange.

    I started off by creating a list of the best Bitcoin Exchanges in Canada and compared their features and benefits.

    And finally I settled on QuadrigaCX and had been very happy with them. EDIT: But in early 2019 they filed for bankruptcy, and are now closed. (historical quote I contacted them while I was doing research, and they replied back right away. I've had to contact their support for some help figuring out a step on the website - they helped me out fast, and even changed some wording on their website to help reduce confusion for bitcoin dummies like me! Wow.)

    Many want to know how to buy bitcoins without identification.

    If you know of a new/different/better way or service to buy bitcoin in Canada, please post your comments!
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