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Trading With Whales Strategy on Poloniex

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  • Trading With Whales Strategy on Poloniex

    Recently Kevs commented under one of my videos, and he and I have replied back and forth -

    It is a great Q and A thread, and I'd like to get your feedback...

    It starts out with Kevs saying:

    Hi Lumbridgecity, thanks for your contents. Can you please make a video about trading with whales strategy on poloniex? The most important thing that i wanna know is: how to detect the first waves of whales to put a buy order.?
    My first reply was:
    yes indeed - Those tell-tail pre-pump buying activities are shown on the charts. It's not perfect, but if you know that pattern, it really helps narrow down which markets to trade. It certainly helped my grow my funds massively in 2017 - and I think it had just started. So many great markets right now!?

    and Kevs said:

    i'm a beginner, i use just poloniex charts. How to identify the first waves of whales to make a buy order. if i buy a market on consolidation and wait for the pump, its gonna takes days or weeks before the whales pump started.?
    ... and I replied
    yes. well... those weeks and months will pass even if you don't do this strategy...?

    Kevs commented

    Yes they gonna past and then the whales pump gonna start and finish maybe in hours or days. the problem with that, i dont wanna buy at the stagnation level and wait for days or weeks for the whales pump. instead i wanna jump on the first waves when the pump starting.?

    What are your thoughts strategies to catch the first waves when a pump is starting?

    Is there anything a beginner should watch out for?
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    it may be that is the solution to get the warnings and alerts JUST as the Whales are splashing their tails!
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      I like the looks of that crypto ping, how to be part of it?
      It could be the ticket for us all to make some nice coin


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        *edit* found the bitcointalk page