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July 11 - CryptoCurrency Trading Course Registration Will Re-Open

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  • July 11 - CryptoCurrency Trading Course Registration Will Re-Open

    The next full course on How To Trade CryptoCurrencies and chance to join the private community starts on July 11 but - I'll have some updates for the free course later this week!

    I've been reviewing the course lectures on from the last series of workshops in May 2017, adding the best examples and working with graphic designers as we are getting the website prepared for the July 11 registration week!

    What Are People Saying About The Course?

    Eli Garcia
    4th week into the trading course

    I'm new in the cryptocurrency and trading world, so my knowledge about these subjects when I started not even a month ago were almost zero. I felt completely lost since the beginning and I basically invested in this course almost blind hoping that it will give me at least the basic tools I needed to start in this new journey. So far the course has taught me a lot more! and Doug has demonstrated to be very professional and knowledgeable, he is truly engaged in teaching us all the information possible and he is an excellent communicator. I'm very happy to have invested in this course, I feel more confident each day and I already started gaining small profits in my trading account! I highly recommend this course for anyone thinking about making money in the cryptocurrency world.
    Jeramy Carney
    This is the Real Deal! No smoke & mirrors!

    I dabbled in GPU mining ETH last year until it tanked from $18USD to $7USD. Had to stop due to electric bill. In the process, I had mined about 21 ETH that I kept and really forgot about. Last month I hear ETH hit $50USD, and I thought - wait how much do I have! At this point I am intrigued about learning the crypto markets, but don't know what to do so I just sit on it where it is at while trying to divulge all the info I could on crypto trading. I knew I needed something more than youtube to make sense of all this because I wanted an educated calculated plan rather than a gambling guess. I even nearly wasted $1K USD on another crypto trading course that proved to be smoke and mirrors to get you to buy. Then I find you on youtube. Your teachable, down-to-earth approach is inspiring. I have to say that this is all finally starting to make sense to me. Since purchasing your course last week (with BTC, I might add), I have already earned the course fee back using your strategy - Over $300USD profit after losses! I actually could have been closer to $400USD, but I am still learning and don't feel bad about the loss of $100USD to make $300US profit. And, now the course is free for me! Doug, Thank you for your university!

    Between Now And Course Registration

    I am still making trading videos a couple times each week but they are for the members area of

    For the next while I'm focused on learning and making video journals for all I can about different methods of mining and earning cryptocurrencies.

    Then I'll be updating the free course with these additional examples of how to earn bitcoin! And soon - based on answers to your questions - I will update the free course with real case studies that show how to safely grow your bitcoin with lending on Bitfinex and Poloniex.

    More Sample CryptoCurrency Technical Analysis Videos For YouTube

    I'll have some more sample trading videos for youtube in a couple weeks because the cryptocurrency trading course registration will open again on July 11

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    Hey Doug do you still have openings for this class? If so I am interested in participating.

    Alex Carbonell


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      You bet Alexmobile - you are a lifetime member and you get access to all the courses! Sign up on the site to go through the new sequence of training!

      I've been having a great time re-writing everything and I hope you find it as helpful to attend as it has been for me to create!
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        Thanks YES I viewed your video regarding this upcoming class and been eagerly waiting to attend it!!!

        I was able to purchase all of the parts for 2 more rigs prior to the PRICES JUMPING UP !!! whew so under $3500 for 12 Nvidia GTX 1060's, 2 MSI boards, 3400MHZ cpu/fans, 24 risers and memory. Have not had the time to put it all together for the last 4 weeks been putting it off.