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Trading Altcoins Is Difficult

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  • Trading Altcoins Is Difficult

    Trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies takes (me) a dreadful amount of time - until I finally get into positions that are profitable... then there is not as much for me to do.

    in these alt markets - I've been 'standing ready at the plate' with my bat above my shoulder, knees bent, eye on the pitching machine... for the past three months.

    it is tiresome.

    and it is a drag to watch my account value dwindle from middle of august, through early September till now in October of 2017 as I've been holding alts.

    But, this is 'extra money' for me - numbers on a website... it does not seem 'real', in a way.

    It is more about the mathematical odds and, well, my ego - wanting to be correct.

    In the long term, it's all been about pattern recognition, and then patience.

    It really does take a long time, and focusing on the 15 minute bars is not required when you have a plan that takes into account the momentum of the market, rather than the daily price swings.
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