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17 years old Crypto Trading Journal - Day 1

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  • 17 years old Crypto Trading Journal - Day 1

    I'm very excited to share the start of a new YouTube channel!

    I've taken the liberty of grabbing the YouTube Transcript and doing some edits - then posing here... to help more people find this traders new journal, and as an example of a great way to make some content, and then make that content into something that builds your audience!

    hello everybody welcome to my channel

    I'm going to post my trading journal trading cryptocurrencies

    The first coin that I would like to buy is digibyte. As we can see it had a major drop from 2600 Satoshi's to 100 Satoshi.

    Another good sign of it is because as you can see every time we touch this trend line, it went down... but in the four hour chart, we can see that it broke that trend line and it is going down to touch that red line again If it retraced there, I believe that it will go big.

    Another good news I'm calling for digibytes and I think it's going to be accepted by one of the biggest Hardware wallets. This news can really pump digibite up. By the way as we can see a new bull candle is forming at this stage

    the second coin I would like to watch and to keep my eye on his IOP

    I have this only trated on bittrex

    it has only one point eight million supply and this and is trading at $2.72

    I already have 50 IOP but I would like to buy more and accumulate more than the price go higher I can make a bigger profit

    i really like IOP's development team they are very active it has a huge discord group and so on

    well another claim that i would like to trade this is more a shorter turn trade

    with web service this can be traded at Poloinex and Bittrex as you can see

    every time it van plays slow address resistance and sorry at the sub it went higher we have the first example here the second example here and now is
    typically grade at that price so but when we see at one our sort we can see that is now trying to retrace read and I really believe that it's coin will go higher

    another good going to keep the eye on is Bitcoin cash because he is traded in this channel in this channel right here it vamped every time it turns the channel its prices it price has changed the direction

    we have the first example here the second example here the third example here the fourth example here and the fifth example here

    as you can see it had a fakeout breakout right here but now it's trying to go up higher

    my first target would be right here the second target would be here but the third target would be yet

    by the way I'm not going to buy this coin because I transferred some kind some money in bittrex and right now I don't have the capital because this is not my main trading account

    I just created this for my trading journal
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