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A*proven way*to determine when the next cryptocurrency bull market is starting

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  • A*proven way*to determine when the next cryptocurrency bull market is starting

    There has been a surge of new interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies - for good reason!

    You already know that cryptos posted 1000%+ gains in the past, only to fade back and lose 90% of their top values.

    What if there actually was a proven way to determine when the next cryptocurrency bull market was starting?

    Over the past 24 months, we have seen three bull runs in crypto prices.

    Check out this price chart that highlights each of the three Bull Runs, and check below for the profits you could have attained by using The 'Simple Trading Plan'!
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    The Biggest Bull Run in Cryptos

    The first and biggest bull run demonstrates a simple, exploitable trading pattern - was from March 2017 through July of 2017. Just check out these insane gains that many traders captured, and you could have been achieved by using The 'Simple Trading Plan' - without selling at the very top:

    DCR 230%
    DGB 4248%
    DOGE 450%
    ETC 465%
    ETH 754%
    EXP 467%
    FCT 239%
    FLDC 667%
    GAME 548%
    LBC 1068%
    LSK 755%
    LTC 291%
    MAID 51%
    NAV 309%
    NMC 234%
    NXT 791%
    SC 1683%
    STEEM 576%
    STR 973%
    STRAT 3087%
    SYS 614%
    VIA 1259%
    VTC 655%
    XCP 111%
    XEM 1562%
    XMR 42%
    XPM 272%
    XRP 2047%
    ZEC 71%

    Then, after the top blew off in July of 2017, crypto prices across all of the currencies dropped way back - we experienced a five month slow down trend where prices faded all the way back to historical low price levels compared to bitcoin.

    The Second Crypto Bull Run

    The second time we saw this simple, exploitable trading pattern - was through December 2017 and January 2018. Almost all the cryptocurrencies surged to make outstanding gains once again. Just check out these results that could have been attained:

    ARDR 160%
    BCH 82%
    BCN 200%
    BTS 184%
    BURST 315%
    CLAM 103%
    DCR 86%
    DGB 332%
    DOGE 230%
    ETH 111%
    FCT 89%
    FLDC 172%
    GAME 56%
    LBC 147%
    LSK 234%
    MAID 32%
    NAV 82%
    NMC 41%
    NXT 294%
    OMNI 50%
    PASC 143%
    PPC 61%
    REP 145%
    SC 218%
    STEEM 237%
    STR 754%
    STRAT 62%
    SYS 103%
    VIA 81%
    XEM 175%

    And then, as you may know, the price of bitcoin and all of the cryptocurrencies have been on a long, slow, painful downtrend for almost the entire year of 2018 - with the exception of a short rise in prices in April and May of 2018.

    The Third, Smaller Bull Move
    As we see in the chart above, the third time this simple, exploitable trading pattern showed up was through April, May and June of 2018 as prices posted a small surge across almost every crypto - but, while many traders were excitedly looking for a repeat of 2017 price climb from a year earlier, we can see that this simple, exploitable trading pattern posted potential gains that were... not as exciting:

    ARDR 7%
    BCH 33%
    BCN 122%
    BTC 4%
    BTS 49%
    BURST 12%
    CLAM -3%
    CVC 18%
    DASH -3%
    DCR 80%
    DGB 50%
    DOGE 28%
    ETC -1%
    ETH 15%
    FCT 1.60%
    GAME -2%
    GAS 12%
    GNT 91%
    HUC -5%
    LBC -1.40%
    LSK -10%
    LTC -12%
    MAID 4%
    NAV -1.60%
    NXT 15%
    OMG 18%
    PASC -10%
    PPC 12%
    REP 5%
    SBD 3%
    SC 30%
    STEEM 18%
    STORJ 17%
    STR 17%
    STRAT 15%
    SYS 4%
    VIA 9%
    VTC -5%
    XCP 0%
    XEM 4%
    XMR -4%
    XPM 135%
    XRP 0%
    ZEC -5%
    ZRX 67%

    While some of the cryptos posted great gains, others may have been traded for a small loss by a prudent trader who was following The 'Simple Trading Plan'.

    For those who bought on the excitement, but did not sell out and close their positions at the right time - bag holders may have suffered 50% to 80% losses from May until now!!

    Knowing when to buy is one thing, but as 2018 showed us - we need to know when to exit.

    To be successful in trading, we MUST HAVE strategies, filters and risk control rules to help prevent the costly mistake of getting sucked into a fake-out break-out and then becoming a bag hodler with massive losses.

    Today - October of 2018
    Which brings us to now. October of 2018, and cryptocurrency prices are yet again standing at historical low levels.

    Opportunity and Risk

    While many people are predicting the next crypto bull wave is near, on October 11, the crypto sphere lost more that 20 billion dollars of market capitalization in one day! Bitcoin dropped almost $600 value in a couple hours of trading - and many of the top market-cap coins posted a double digit drop in prices over night!
    This truly can be high risk trading - even at such low prices, and even if you are not trading with leverage!

    But - let me bring this question up again...
    What if there actually was a methodical, proven way to determine exactly when the next cryptocurrency bull market was really starting?

    You see - THERE IS an exploitable pattern that has worked in all three of the bull waves that have occurred in the past 24 months of cryptocurrency trading - and this pattern is at your fingertips.

    That simple, exploitable pattern is what I reveal and share with you. This is the very methodical, proven way that I have traded cryptocurrencies over the past four years.

    It's important to point out this is not just theory and experimental back testing. My cryptocurrency account stood at $7500 in January of 2017. Six months later it was over $100,000 - and in December of 2017 it hit a peak value of over $500,000!!

    Join us as we focus on identifying the true beginning of the next bull trend - and include the all important strategies, filters and risk control rules to help prevent the costly mistake of getting sucked in to another fake-out break-out!!

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    What can we learn from the three Bull Waves in Crypto Prices in 2017 and 2018?
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    Today we had another update on 'The Bull Market Watch' - along with another feature where I shared how I invested $200 worth of bitcoin into a diversified crypto portfolio

    Here is the video replay

    and here is the screenshot of our Bull Market Watch Chart

    How to read the chart?

    The green line represents markets in a positive alignment for breaking higher from the general bottom formations
    The blue line represents markets that are neutral - they are not ready to break higher, and they are not threatening to break lower
    The red line represents coins that are 'near-failing' and pressing down against important levels, or they have failed, and have broken down below Aug 13 and Sept 12 lows.

    If the red line keeps growing over time - we know the down trend is going to continue
    If the green line grows over time - we know the bull market seems to have started!
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