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Altcoin Bagholder Revenge! Bull Market Watch | June 3/19

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  • Altcoin Bagholder Revenge! Bull Market Watch | June 3/19

    Today I need your help to uncover the top altcoins with best potential for biggest gains in June! Leave your comments below with your reasons for your coin to be tops! Altcoin Bagholders may soon have their day in the sun as a general bottom formation begins to solidify across our average of the Crypto Markets. We review over 50 cryptocurrencies and track their bullish/bearish ratio over time.
    ----Bull Market Watch Spreadsheet with Trader Resources----

    Read-Only Google Doc:

  • introtocryptos
    walter cc21 commented below the video above - and I share it here

    Binance listings:
    - ZIL/BTC (very close)
    - BAT/BTC (very close)
    - REQ/BTC (close)
    - POLY/BTC (watch)
    - LOOM/BTC (watch)
    - ZEC/BTC (watch)
    - DGD/BTC (watch)
    - ARK/BTC (watch)

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