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Over 200 Poloniex Trading Videos Released

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  • Over 200 Poloniex Trading Videos Released

    Getting Back To The Roots Of Our Success - Helping New Traders

    Now - over 200 poloniex trading videos are free to view on the LumbridgeCity channel YouTube - many have never been available to the public before! Check out the playlists to help find a video in the time-frame where you have questions. First and Second Half of 2015, and 2016 playlists divided into four quarters of the year.

    SInce 2009, the LumbridgeCity project has been teaching youth the core philosophies of financial wealth: Make Money, Keep It, And Grow It.

    Over the early years we successfully grew a following of thousands. Then in 2015 - the website mission shifted slightly, and focused on growing wealth through the market places that enabled ways to earn and grow Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.

    We cataloged and tested hundreds of methods of earning free bitcoin.

    And started to publish trading journal style commentary videos about trading bitcoin on YouTube.

    A Following Grew - A Crypto Trading Course Was Developed

    Once the new Crypto Currency Trading Course was going at full steam, all the new video development and all of the current trading journals have been exclusively for members of the private course and community.

    Hundreds of personal journal style Poloniex Trading Videos - that are now 'out of date'.

    Back To Providing Helpful Crypto Currency Tutorials and Commentaries for New Traders - and a more steady focus on my own trading journals and weekly trading plans within the private members forms in Lumbridgecity - where new and experienced traders can join to ask questions in private and get answers in private. Away from the noise in the free forums and trading chats.
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    great work doug putting these up