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What's In the Digital Currency Trading Course?

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  • What's In the Digital Currency Trading Course?

    This course is my own trading university. It is my compilation of lessons and trading strategies, organized into the order that I would teach my younger self - so that I could have avoided many years of misdirected efforts, trading losses and frustrations.

    In 2009, I struggled with debt and cashflow, I knew I could prosper with the trading knowledge I already had. I made myself Professor of the course and the Dean of this University dedicated to practicing the principles of wealth building through trading... so that I could create a place where I could gather with other students to study and learn.

    The course has grown and expanded. It's become more refined and organized.

    Monthly private bitcoin trading community membership registration opens for one week every other month.

    Material replays is divided into courses for any experience level - beginner - intermediate - advanced.

    Pre-Course Preparation
    • What you’re going to learn in this course
    • What you will not learn about bitcoin, blockchain and dapps
    • Suggested reading to prepare

    Week One: Getting Started on Poloniex
    • Cryptocurrency exchanges* how to buy bitcoin
    • Poloniex Tutorials in Three Steps
    • Introduction and welcome to our ‘private community forum’
    • Separating the gambler from the investor within you
    • How wealthy thinking can change your happiness and success

    Week Two: Advanced Digital Currency Lending
    • Set and Forget Teared Lending
    • Advanced Lending Historical Charts
    • Access the ‘passive earning with digital currency forum’
    • Other ways our community is earning passive digital currency income

    Week Three - Two Risk Control Rules
    • My Short Story (and mistakes you should avoid)
    • Getting ready for trading
    • Rule Number One
    • Rule Number Two
    • Practical Examples of Rule #1 and Rule #2
    • Access the private ‘forum dedicated to this risk control philosophy’
    • Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading Tools and Resources

    Week Four: Reading Trade Formations on Price Charts
    • Choosing your first trade in Digital Currencies
    • Basic Technical Analysis Patterns for buy and sell signals
    • Lending vs. Investing vs. Trading *- Three ways to profit
    • Fundamental analysis -* where to find value data for a cryptocurrency
    • Short term and long term trading strategies
    • Access to private ‘trading journal blogs’ and ‘private trading forums’
    • Access LumbridgeCity current holdings and trade updates

    Week Five - Examples Of Our Simple Trading Plan
    • Reviewing Live Examples of Risk Control
    • Trendlines, Reversal Patterns and Moving Averages
    • Using Rule #1 and Rule #2 in Trend Trading
    • Practical Examples of Bottom Top Formations
    • When to take profits/losses on a trade
    • Access to the ‘technical analysis and trading plan forum’

    Week 6: Live Questions Answered on Bitcoin, World Market and Altcoin Trading
    • Technical analysis patterns continued
    • How to find profitable trade patterns
    • Swing trading* vs trend trading chart patterns
    • Access private ‘forum dedicated to commodities’
    • Review of trading world markets with bitcoin
    • World market trading tools

    Week 7: Conspiracy Theories on Price Manipulation in Altcoin Trading
    • Daily and weekly habits of a successful trader
    • How price manipulation works in digital currencies (and how to protect yourself)
    • The Five Stages of the ‘Altcoin Buy-out Group Ripoff’ scheme
    • How to profit from pump and dump groups - without participating
    • Jail time for insider trading and price manipulation?
    • Access to the private ‘Pump and Dump Monitoring Forum’

    Week 8: Using Bitcoin for high leverage World Market Trading
    • Key stages of a successful and failed a trade
    • The psychological anatomy of holding a losing trade
    • Low risk price patterns only for cryptocurrencies
    • Ultra-short term day trading
    • Access to the private ‘Maximum Leverage Forex Trading Forum’
    • Building wealth, happiness and accomplishment in your life
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