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What Does The CryptoCurrency Trading Course Offer - Exactly?

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  • What Does The CryptoCurrency Trading Course Offer - Exactly?

    Today I received another great question email - and - because I'm so excited about all things crypto... I can't wait to welcome new members and hope my website helps them!


    Hope you are fine, I am interested in trading cryptos, tried before but was not quite successful.

    Can you please tell me what do you suggest?
    Do you have an alert service to say what to buy and when?

    Do you think, trading cryptos can have a regular return per month average, or the market is too small for that?

    Please tell me your thoughts, and what do you offer exactly?



    Thanks for the questions.

    Indeed - this CryptoCurrency Trading Course does provide you with full view of how I'm organizing all my crypto investments.

    And, as a good trader will have a clearly written plan for their trading methods - over the years I blogged about my trading, and then - to improve my own trading, I reviewed all my journals and reorganized all my methods into a set of steps that I would teach myself... if I were just starting out again.

    For the past two years I've been teaching those lessons to other digital currency traders.

    Those lessons have been repeated and improved in live-online-course settings, and the best of those lessons have been collected to become the cryptocurrency trading course as it stands today. In addition, I also created a community forum for each of the topics and lessons, where additional Q and A have been accumulating - providing even deeper perspectives on the trading methods taught in the courses.

    As you'll learn throughout the steps of the course - I don't recommend you trade because I am, but instead, I recommend you complete the course, learn the key risk control rules and write your own trading plan, THEN you can consider the alerts and advice of others when you choose to place your own trades - I'm just sharing my trading journal as a running commentary on the trading methods taught in the course, and not providing trade recommendations.

    I think you have come to the right place - and I appreciate your questions.

    The private forum has expanded to cover not just crypto trading - but all methods of earning and growing digital currencies - and expanded to include a Mining Rig Shop and more.

    My thinking is that cryptos are going to change all aspects of finance, and as the market cap keeps pouring in - many currencies will do as Bitcoin has done... so I'm on a mission to earn all the bitcoin, ethereum, monero, dash...and any other promising digital currency... that I can... and share my story as I invest and grow those coins.

    And - by sharing my methods - as a course - a forum community - with continuing updates... I can help a lot of people - and it's a great deal of fun!

    That's the brief.

    I recommend the lifetime membership:
    1. First - one time payment, lifetime membership - better value and less bother than paying a monthly fee with Fiat
    2. Second - I literally take your membership fee and make a video about how I invested it - showing what I bought and why. Real-time practical example based on the written trading plan you learn in the course. Worth the membership fee on it's own.
    3. Third - because this is building a life-long habit of making money, keeping it and growing it - you'll want to repeat and review the course material over and over again - and not just skim it quickly.

    Invest in yourself.

    Look forward to seeing you on the inside!

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    you do a great job doug, keep it up


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      CryptoCurrency Trading Journals Included

      These personal trading journals are not trading recommendations, but rather I share my daily review of trading my idea plan - and implementing my ideal risk control rules.

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        Hi Doug,
        I wanted to ask you, do guests get to view the forum?
        "There are currently 83 users online. 5 members and 78 guests"


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          guests can only see part of the forums - view the forums from an incognito window to see the difference - all the good stuff is private. And I've moved some of the members posts from the public area to the private area when I see it misplaced...

          A public section of the forum that can be found in the search engines... very moderated, mostly used for SEO and it's starting to get some steady daily traffic.

          I'm studying keywords and trends for the crypto trading and crypto mining topics... working that into the title and tags of a youtube video, then embedding that video and expanded article into the forum.

          The feed from the forum is shared on feedly, feedburner, specific feeds and others.

          Then I share the forum post to the social media profiles on google plus, facebook and twitter.

          This has been growing the 'guest traffic' to the public side of the forums...

          The goal is to build some top rankings as the first step in drawing in the correct audience - and then the challenge is to get these visitors to subscribe, follow, or join!

          Guests see the first set of forums and posts:

          While members see the list of forums in the screenshot below:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	guest-forums.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	19.9 KB
ID:	946

          Members gain access to much more information
          Click image for larger version

Name:	members-forums.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	55.8 KB
ID:	947
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            ok, cool
            i think LBC will grow naturally over next years, there is a lot of young people growing up fast these days and they soon will all be into crypto in a big way.

            keep up the good work


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              Thanks for everything you do!