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Bitcoin and Digital Currencies made it possible for me to start investing.

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  • Bitcoin and Digital Currencies made it possible for me to start investing.

    I started Trading Bitcoin in February of 2015 - using $15 worth of bitcoin that had been donated to my bitcoin trading channel on YouTube.

    Instead of requiring thousands of US or Canadian Dollars to invest with banks and brokers, I could trade directly on Bitfinex and 1Broker for less than ten dollars worth of bitcoin.

    No more go-betweens and long delays or the $4600 US dollars of margin required just to trade one emini contract

    The easy and low-cost access to micro-trade cryptocurrencies and even micro-trading world markets, meant that I could begin testing my trading system on a micro-scale, and grow from there!

    Learning to get the most out of these cryptocurrency markets took a lot of trial and error.

    After receiving the amazing feedback for my personal trading journal videos on YouTube - it was clear there was a lack of resources out there for learning how to trade bitcoin and how to invest in altcoins and cryptocurrencies - because there were so many people emailing, commenting and sending me direct messages, asking me for help with learning or tips on a good altcoin to trade this month.

    For the past year, I’ve been putting together courses that I thought would help fellow traders. In September, I started a brand new digital currency investing account called 'FaucetGuy' to demonstrate how anyone can get started with nothing but an internet connection, a free email address, and zero money...

    You really can start earning free bitcoin and build wealth.

    So many happy students later and with fantastic feedback and reviews - and I'm glad I made that decision.

    With all my students and followers asking great questions, we are always refining the courses and improving the community. Each course includes all of the best value from previous courses, presented while considering today's markets - intended to help take you from beginner to mastery with a supportive, private learning community.

    As a member of LumbridgeCity you can take advantage of this.

    I hope this forum and course helps you take a big leap in your Bitcoin and Digital Currency Trading Profits!

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    Hi Doug,

    I'm just testing out if I can succesfully reply now. I will post more as soon as I have the time.