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Copy My Trades (At Your Own Peril)

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  • Copy My Trades (At Your Own Peril)

    Excited to announce a NEW trading Channel on YouTube - Copy My Trades

    Here is the first live-stream video! Be sure to subscribe to the channel on YouTube for updates about when the next impromptu live trading session will be on!

    I never recommend following the trading advice of another person.

    The course over on Digital Currency Traders were created to share my trading strategies so that you can learn them and implement them on your own.

    My belief is that if you are trying to put on trades based on the recommendations of another - then you need to be tethered to them for every trading consideration throughout the trade. And this kind of following is not generally possible... until new technology makes it so.

    Now you can set your account to automatically copy the trades of other traders... no longer just following their recommendations, but actually handing over the trading control without giving them access to your money.

    Genius actually.

    No guarantees of success or profits - but I'm now welcoming people to join 1Broker and copy my trades - or the trades of another trader with great track record - directly.

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    Tuesday March 14/17 Morning Live Streams on the Copy My Trades Channel

    Get Started on 1Broker

    6:30 Put on the Short Position in S&P 500 and review the success rates of other traders to get an idea of the markets they trade, their leverage and drawdown levels. Good to find some other top traders who are trading gold, silver and oil.

    7:30 AM - the S&P 500 trade proved me correct and I review how I move my stop loss up after this point in a trade.

    The 'copy my trades' channel on YouTube serves as an informal commodities trader review. We are seeking to find, follow and learn from, perhaps even copy the best commodities traders, and the best bitcoin traders.

    While we reveal and study the methods and results of the top traders in bitcoin, our tutorial videos will demonstrate how to copy traders so you can also start to copy other bitcoin traders and set your trading on auto-pilot, or so you can follow good bitcoin traders, compare good traders and expand your own trading knowledge,

    If you are searching to find a trading manager, this is one small market where you can compare trading account managers by the success of their public trades. Get to know their trading style before you choose to follow or copy them.
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      Wednesday March 15

      First: We review the official blog post that details how the trade copying works on 1Broker.

      Second: We dig a little deeper into the trading patterns of the top successful traders that you have the option to copy.

      Third: We take a look at my proposed methodology should you choose to copy my trades.
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        great concept, i dont actually have any money in gold,silver or oil. all my money is currently tied up in crypto because at the moment in my eyes it has bigger % gains. with gold,silver and oil to get decent trades you must put on a huge chunk of money to maybe make 1-5% , thats not to say dont put on small trades and learn, off course do and thats what i will be doing soon making an account with one broker, it would leave me with another account that i can steadily grow over a few years period.