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Silver Trading Gone Wrong

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  • Silver Trading Gone Wrong

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    killed by silver. Holding some 8% drawdown right now...

    feel like a pitbull - bit onto my view of a bull market about to rip off, and would NOT let go.

    So as a result, over the past two months, I've make a rack of tiny profits as prices kept coming back and hitting my protective stop losses in my profitable entries, as I worked to get a good entry on a long position that I could hold for a long time. I am bullish... too bullish it seems.

    The past week - I have not been following my trading rules.

    And when that happens, I get experience.

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

    BUT this is not the first time that Silver prices have confounded me...

    I'm Missing Something

    Each time in the recent past, JUST as I was holding a good profit and sure silver was just about to take off... I would make a comment within our private trade chat. And it has an been amazingly accurate trading signal - but exactly opposite of what I was expecting:

    Here on November 28, the arrow shows the moment I mentioned my anticipation of a silver breakout...
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    and two weeks earlier, on November 15, it seemed to me the bowl-shape pattern, the consolidation... it was all looking super bullish at this precise moment... but... no
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    So now - silver has me by the balls... holding a 'drawdown'... worse, I opened additional trades as the prices hesitated in a little consolidation... rather than adding on to a trade that was correct.

    So indeed, heed the warnings in the Terms - and copy me at your own peril.

    I'm honored to be part of your cryptocurrency journey. I share my story that I may learn from my mistakes, so you may learn from my mistakes - and so I may receive comments and feedback from many like-mined people... thus learning things I need to learn.

    WHAT am I missing in analyzing silver prices at these moments?

    This post, thanks to a fantastic youtube comment that came in! Many times the comments under my videos are far more valuable than the video!

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    Thanks for sharing your experience, Doug


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      I held through the dip - not often I do that, but at 1:1 leverage - it's a bit easier to do.

      This time I held because of the fundamentals. My timing on the chart patterns still needs some work - but if I'm within 10% of the correct spot, that's not bad.

      Other traders speak of buying in the range and selling out withing a price range, rather than too much focus on the exact perfect moment.
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